Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…

…new friend

I woke up and

my back ached

and I looked at my

back in the mirror

and there were

large scratches

all over it.

The scratches were

deep and animal

but scabbed over

as if they’d

been there

for several days

at least.

I touched my toes

to stretch my back

and while

bending over I suddenly

broke in two, right down

the middle, at the waist.

My legs ran

out the door

and I never saw them

again. I learned to walk on

my hands and went

to the beach where

I lay with my head in the sand

and eyes closed. I was alone

so I closed my eyes and

listened to the waves.

A while later I heard

soft padding sounds

and opened my eyes.

It was a snow leopard, on the beach

and I lifted my head, stunned, smiling

until realising it wasn’t

a snow leopard.

Not this time.

Just a cat that looked

like a snow leopard. I stroked

its head and it lied beside

me purring. ‘I’ll call you Snow Leopard’

I told it. ‘You can be my guardian spirit,

you can be my legs, let’s visit

the other side together, Ok, Snow Leopard?’

The cat purred and I fell asleep.

I awoke to scratching sounds

in the dark with an ear full of sand and

Snow Leopard the cat

clawing at my back. I grinned

at the moonlit waves and sighed

because time-travel, fiction and ideas,

reality not so prevalent, legs not so crucial,

and the clouds were pink

like space clouds, like things

I’ve only seen on the internet

and never believed

could be as they were.

I grinned and even chuckled

as Snow Leopard the cat continued

clawing at me, the white

sand reddened, coppery white,

with my blood, not so

hot anymore, just

honest and sad

but in wonder, always

and forever in wonder,

interested, which

I have come

to know

is crucial.


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