Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…

…that time Mos Def tried to fool me






‘Twenty-nine years old and you

got no soul,’ is what I heard

Mos Def say but in hindsight I

think he said ‘Kenny-G’ and ‘Elvis’

and made no reference

to me specifically.


You whispered ‘come with me’

and I followed, did the best I could.

People told me it would

be strange but it wasn’t so

strange just realistic, documentary-like

almost, I couldn’t help but think.

I don’t mean this

as a bad thing. I like

documentaries and realism. You

are real. It was real. I felt quite

real for a short while which was

different to the ‘gamelike’ way

I’ve felt recently.


I whispered ‘Just enjoy being in emptiness’

as we stared up at the black

of my ceiling. You giggled

and said it was creepy. I thought

of our painting, the girl with

magic in her pants

who said ‘You are all creepy’

to the moon-mouse

and other magical

creatures I can’t recall.

They, misconstrued, I, honest,

because I felt like I was in

space, floating.

Your head was on

my shoulder and

I was enjoying

the emptiness.

It’s my dream, to be

up there and for a moment

I was. That’s all I



I have a soul. Bukowski reminded

me this morning, Bukowski and you.

Fuck you Mos Def.

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