Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…









There are bars

of sunlight on my wooden

floor and I slept

for ten hours in my bed

without waking up for

the first time in a very

long time and I am

grinning and my hands

are behind my head

under the pillow

I’m stretched out

on my back like

a hilarious seal

on a beach with

human characteristics

such as sunglasses

and a laid-back attitude

and disdain for

‘needing to do things’

and ‘this beach is good’

the seal thinks

while ‘bed is good’, I think,

‘bed is good’.


I’m not leaving all day

the world can move

on but I won’t,

I’ll grin and relish

comfort, nonchalance

hum while I

think about life

in my bed

roll over and close

my eyes and open

them again, grin again,

listen to some Elliott Smith

think about breakfast

something sweet, pastry

coffee, a lot of it

think about how

much I love my

pillow and arch my back

stretch my toes.


Every morning should be

like this and all love

should be like this,

unspoken understanding

while the day is teething

no love stronger than that

of a person and their bed

on a free morning.

Bed is good

I am good.

Hope you’re

in bed too

as happy

as I am,

feeling good.

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