Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…



Shower – Fugitivess & Futurists

California – Expat Press

Everything is ironic when i’m drunk so i should always be – Horror Sleaze Trash

Chomping – Horror Sleaze Trash

Bear Food – Horror Sleaze Trash

Sensory Degradation (In the thick of it / A stone’s flow away) – Expat Press

Morning’s are Weird (Identifying with Whale Sharks / Death of the Wolves / Pigeon Wing) – Expat Press

Cessation – Junto Magazine

Lunacy – Junto Magazine



The Wall – Fugitives & Futurists

Tiger’s Sad Excuse for a Life – Expat Press

Shower – Fugitives & Futurists


PhD Thesis

Structures of meaning: Form and the mundane in the contemporary novel – Doctoral thesis in Creative Writing / Southampton University


Other / Non-fiction

CBD: Looking for approval – Natural Products News

Pollinators versus Parliament – Natural Products News

Selection of health and nutrition articles – Zoe

Make These Easy Food Swaps That Are Good For You and the Planet – The Beet

I Treated my Asthma With Diet.” Here’s What the Research Says – The Beet

Louis Masai (street artist)KulaMag

EU Going for Green (From Farm to Fork) – KulaMag

Murmure Street Article (street artists) – KulaMag

The Power of Poetry – The Poetry Question

TPQ5 (Piece on top 5 poetic influences) – The Poetry Question

For TV actors, movie stardom remains a rarely realised dream – Screen Robot

Where’s the satisfaction? The problem with death in Game of Thrones – Screen Robot



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