Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…

When I was 19 I bought a guitar for £20 and called it Wendle. Here’s me and Wendle at Lake Bled in 2007 >

That’s the context.

Because I am not Wendle, I am Maté

This is site for my writing. Check out my books, some poems and stories I occasionally publish on here, or my links page for more of my writing from around the web. Thanks for stopping by X


…this is ‘magic’

1937 andalso now,we don’t knowwhat the fuckis going onand it usedto be finewhen wedidn’t pretend,only nowlike kids ina forestwe be […]

…we rushed into this

November’s firemight look likeend of daysapocalyptic / apocalyptojudgement day and allthose horsesor whatever your faithor faithlessnessbut it’s all ours –judge […]


Light and liquidfrom underground whalesand underwater volcanoeswithout the heat andthere’s no fluidity as faras I can tell, just revelationand alterationfrom […]

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