Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…

You’re staring into space

it must be black, I think,

black and full of swirly

things (issues/questions/volatility)

I want to ask you what you’re thinking

but I won’t.

Live Authentic die far away

When I was 23 I thought it would be cool to have a blog and write under the guise of crazy guy called ‘Wendle’, who I named after a guitar I had bought that summer. I am no longer 23 and I no longer think this is cool. Nevertheless I bought this domain name and I like to finish what I started, so here we are.

Read poems and stories that I occasionally post, or check out my books. For more content from around the web, see my links page. If you want to get in touch social media is probably a way to do that, or if we are meant to be, telepathy could be a thing. I would be more excited to receieve a telepathic message one day. I feel like it will happen imminently. Teleport, not yet, but perhaps, also, one day.

In any case, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it a lot,

Maté X



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