Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…

…the snow leopard

He thinks about what Robert

De Niro and Jimi Hendrix

have in common. ‘They are

both cool,’ he says. What does it

mean, cool? Ice-cold, good, smooth.

He wishes he was cool.

He opens the window and stands in front

of it in only his underwear. His boxers are

too colourful. Blue and purple

squares. He needs

to get more ‘mature’

underwear. He thinks about

Peter Pan. Wishes he

was a pirate. He wouldn’t

survive. Asthma.


He sits at his desk staring at his

computer while listening to

hip-hop instrumentals. He imagines

a snow leopard appearing on his

bed and turns around. There is no

snow leopard on his bed. If there

was it would purr and

go to sleep. He could go sleep

next to it, so that it was curled

around him. His head would be

against its side. Gently moving, rocking

to the animal’s breaths. It would be

warm and soft. He could sing

to it. What would he sing?

Freestyle, something funky. He could

tell the snow leopard about that cat

he always used to see that looked like

a snow leopard. The window

would close itself and chuckle. He would

fall asleep and wake up with the

snow leopard on a mountain. Mountains

feel good. Mountains saved him

more than once. He and the snow leopard

could live there in a cave. He could build

a fire. ‘Old man’s beard.’ The snow leopard

would protect him and teach him how

to survive. The snow leopard wouldn’t

care about his boxers. It wouldn’t care

about what Robert De Niro and Jimi Hendrix.

have in common. It would just talk

about mountain life which would be

more interesting. In the mountains

he would always be cool. But never

as cool as the snow leopard.

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