Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…


I ate a mushroom

and waited for things

to get going

and they certainly did.

First the road we

were on

suddenly endless

and the sea waves

steaming beneath

the stars, hot

on my skin despite

the October freeze, and the moon

literally sniggered

and the church seemed

less wicked, just like

a wise old man

who regretted mistakes

thoughtfully with

quiet understanding, shrugging because

we all make mistakes, right?

I wrote an entire story

in my mind, jeans rolled up

to my knees and

water eating at

my ankles but

in a good way, like

those little birds

that eat the food remains

from between

the hippo’s teeth

and we laughed

and there definitely

was no time

just space and feeling

and we walked more

and lights we built by

harnessing Thor’s power

were ready to shatter

all over us

and bring the

glass and steel

with them, so we

didn’t go home.

We took a train

and we walked

and there were woods

and fields

and another


and within it


redder than Mars

where we probably

need to go

but Musk is

a robot and

Mars is also

the God of War

so maybe it’s

all just war

and that’s why

blood and red and ‘stop’

are all red

and I just

look at the red


because fuck

blood and Mars

and Musk

and war.

There’s been enough

and fuck ‘stopping’

we can’t now

not ever

it’s too late.

We just have to remember

that if we take

a second to look

around and breathe

it all in, if we let cognition

evolve and expand

once in a while, we’ll see

that all the ‘truth’ we live

is only ours

and all facts

are temporary

and the actuality

of this, my friends, is that

we don’t presently –

and have

never had –

a fucking clue.

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