Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…

…fool me endless

The sea is green

and the sky

is grey.

The inbetween

is white

and then

there is no


The waves were

quiet and flat for hours

and then wind came

with gull chatter,

and now the waves

curl and crash in

unruly beats,

as the horizon

smiles, seeming to

nod also, the


thickening, all the shapes

like arrows and roaring

toothy mouths, the pier

beneath them

holding fast.

(She called it

an eyesore and I

called her ignorant.

She’s being ignorant

elsewhere now).

A man dances

and another sits

on the pebbles

with a cigarette.

A girl with a sad dog

speaks to herself

ignoring the dog,

and a kid

falls in a puddle

but doesn’t cry.

Each of them

smile at me

when we make

eye contact

and I nod but

don’t smile back.

Only half-way there.

I move on alone

because today is a day

for being alone.

Today is a day

that should not be –

an eighth day

in the middle of

the eleventh week

of a thirty-fourth year.

The dancing man,

the smoking man,

the external

monologue girl,

sad dog, and kid in

the puddle

all know it.

It’s why they smile like

the horizon, nodding also.

It’s why they let

me disappear.

Today isn’t real, but it’s

a day on which

I will often


for years to come.

My dream self

told me, ‘Time is

a construct

and science is

a fiction like


My beach companions

all know this too –

Nods of awareness

and smiles of knowhow.

There’s no candidness

and authenticity, just

a guessing game

in the end.

I made some

bad guesses

and now I think

I’m making

some good ones.

The inbetween

knows it, the reason it

turned white

and then vanished

on this steely march.

And now I perch

up high and wait

for the rain, foolishly.

I wait for answers

I know won’t come.

I wait for fight or flight

knowing that I always freeze.

Fools always freeze.

And once a fool, always so.

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