Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…







I walked up a mountain and didn’t feel like

coming down so I stayed there and

waited for the sea to come to me.


I am still waiting but I can hear rushing, the sound of

tiny bells and the moon humming a song I know

but can’t place.


My eyes are closed but I take a peek. The sea

hasn’t come, nor angels, it’s you. You smiling. You looking shy,

like you don’t know if you should be here. Like it might upset me.

It doesn’t upset me. It gives me everything I’ve ever needed.

You sit beside me, vanilla, salt spray in your hair.


You say ‘I tried to bring the sea here, but it was too big.’

I start to cry and you kiss my forehead. Your lips are cold

and I feel home.


When I wake up I’m alone. I’m not on a mountain

nor by the sea. It’s dark but I can feel your kiss

on my forehead.


The rest of it was a dream, but not your kiss.

If it wasn’t real then nothing is, ever was.

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