Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…

…us against them

Every 5AM
makes me feel
more alive than
I’ve ever been.
Right now I sense
every atom of my being
shake and tremble,
grin and cry
all at the same time.

Fuck the betrayal
and the lies on top
of all those other lies –
my fallen friends,
I’ll stand fists clenched,
heart and eyes wide
open, screaming into
the abyss for
each and every one
of you until
the day I die.
It’s the only way,
It’s us against them.
You know who you are,
breathing that ocean drift,
asking ‘why the fuck?’,
while the cowards nod, smile
and pretend, when the weak
knife their brothers,
sisters and origins
in the spine.
They take the coins
and adopt the darkness –
the payoff for the soul rot
they’ve begun.

But not us, my friends.
We might die poor and
and nameless,
but at least we’re honest,
at least we’re real,
at least we’ll remain human,
jamming our fingers
into the cogs until
a dawn like this one
inhales our blood
and takes us away.
That’s the war
and the peace of now,
so here’s my hand,
will you take it and
run with me?

Because I won’t stop now.
Not ever. It’s the only way.
And one more time –I never felt so alive,
never felt so free,
in this city,
my home, these rooftops,
my own, but yours too,
all of you that hear this cry
and wait patiently
for your chance
to align with the heart
on your sleeve
and what it is
to just be.

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