Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…




Twisted up in a pillar of

light and haze, should

be a stream of air

passable and laughable,

just shake free of it like

an illusionist, only the

twist is firm, concrete, alive

and sniggering, my stomach’s full

of it, this light and haze,

but today I am afraid.


Afraid of the world,  untrusting yet

determined to stitch my eyes wide open,

sting my eyes with the quest

of what I face daily.

I’m barely trying,  but I see you

unravelling, billowing, and it’s like

a wave, all fingers and nods,

not so different to that night

we faced eachother, and I asked

you ‘What are you thinking?’

You looked down and up again

grinning and I twisted

like these pillars of light,

said, ‘That’s what I thought,’

and our ghosts are still

there, toothy smiles, hot summer

sweating, what you call ‘the stink’

lingering, and I’m flying home,

no longer home, just another place,

but it’s not sad, just unnerving,

unpredictable like my attitude

and yours too, baby,

which is why it’s

OK that I’m afraid.

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