Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…

…too many seagulls in this town

There are too many
seagulls in this town.
We need more falcons and hawks
or something bigger
like a pterodactyl.
There are also
too many people in
this town.
The world is closed
but you can’t close the sea
so they all come here.
Wolves? Tigers? Raptors?
Let them loose.
Let the people come.
The seagulls seem to be
amassing an army.
They’ve been hungry for months,
growing self-sufficient, even more arrogant, but look at us, man.
They’ve got new tricks
and new ways –
I see them circling
in their interlocking rings,
spinning like Saturn with
new moons, beneath stars
and other things we’ll
never see.
I say let them swoop and peck
and shit all over us,
eat the weak and unruly,
as the sun falls
on a wall of sapiens,
this wall of seagulls.
Then the collision
of white feathers
and total failure,
the end of all the
dreams we had
before we lost
our voice.

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