Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…

…We were once tiny things with lots of teeth and we didn’t even know

We know nothing so the world

may as well be edged in waterfalls

or made of glass and

we surely came from the stars

and were tiny underwater toothy

beings for a while, fighting giant sharks

with spears until we grew

big and ‘balsy’ and rode mammoths

except maybe we never rode mammoths and

maybe mammoths were the smart ones who

enslaved us before building spaceships

and leaving this place because we were

too stupid and weak and unable to follow

simple instructions, so they left

along with the Ancient Egyptians and

giant sloths, apart from that one giant

sloth that got left behind and haunts

the amazon, the mapinguari, who’s got

everyone trippin’ on ayahuasca, and maybe

we’re all trippin’ on ayahuasca and the solar

system is a figment of our imagination

along with gravity and World War II, and time travel

is real and teleportation is real

and multiple lives and multiple selves are real

because things keep on changing

and we have been ‘present’ for longer than we thought

and a black hole is a star and the sun is a black hole

and light has been inverted, making sunny days

evil and rain good, darkness good, only we forgot

because we are trippin’. We think we are smart but we

were never smart and will never be smart

and robots are not the answer and finding life elsewhere

is not the answer because we are elsewhere and were

elsewhere but it never saved us before

so why would it now?

I’d like to say all this

to someone like Leonardo DaVinci

or Plato, see what they’ve got.

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