Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…


I can hear the ocean

just my cupped hand over my ear

there’s no wind

just pressure

distant love calling my name

the floorboards are old

I’m not the first one here

nor in outer space

as art dies

original words

history like the ideas they animate

unique perspective

extinct or just on the run

there is no longer fiction

just copies and replicas

we too

each of us

not even genetics

has that ability

and the ice melts

the sound of paws thins out

we segregate

into old ways

evolution finished

Darwin is laughing

beneath the earth

a timeline existed

I think Hawkins knew

Einstein definitely knew

there’s a shift

we can’t deal with it

chaos in cities

new anarchy

old animosity

manifests as

fear in subways

the crazies are dangerous

quietly we hate

the kind hearted wait

but they are few

smog is plenty

empty mouths too

crying at vultures

and we replicate and relocate

undone salt waves are rising

hail in June

the mosquitos are due

even they don’t appear –

another shift occurs

internal in each of us

an epiphany

like the one I had last night

under orange lights

staring at a marked wall

seeping through its texture

embedded antiquity and smoke

spittle and rain

an illusion that collaborates

imaginary and stronger

but the longer days

call out to me

with their fiery charm

so I won’t go

to sleep

this night

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