…playing with computers

Below are some colourful things with whimsical names that I made and enjoyed making and looking at, so I hope you do too…

soul crying

Mushroom Fire


coloured checks 1

Steps Towards a Corrosive Future


Wendle girl from the other side

The Wall is Messy (It’s Not Really a Wall)



wendle green

Alien Arrow of Shadows and Slime



Birds Made of Silicone Melting and Leaking



coconut bowl 2

Underwater Coconut Confessing its Deception


DSC_1789 2 small

Peanut Butter Cups in Good Times and Bad Times



The Sun Has One Eye but Mostly Keeps it Shut


sea surface 2

Beer and the Ashes of Something Unknown to All of Us


DSC_0323 small

Found in the Sea, Washed Ashore, Now it is the Sea


wendle tree reflection small

Two Face (Ent Version)


wendles domain

Sperm or Fish or Both?


depths 2

The Place I Almost Died that I Often Think About





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