Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…

…magia / personal growth

All the poor souls suffering from depression getting pumped full of mind numbing, emotion killing, lab made chemical bullshit, when all you need is a little of nature’s magic to open up the mind and find yourselves beyond all of ‘this’. That’s when you discover that their ‘meaning’ doesn’t have to be yours.

And with that comes happiness, peace and understanding. There are many things I despise about the world we live in, and this complete madness is definitely at the top. Nobody ever overdosed and died from psilocybin. Prescription antidepressants are a different story. It’s all there in the science. One dulls and numbs what little you can still feel, while the other opens up paths you never knew existed.

It’s as simple as it is deeply sad and terrifying. They’ve been training obedient soldiers and worker ants for thousands of years, taking away anything that may give us an original idea, or a sense of a reality beyond the one they’ve been pumping us full of since we were kids,
whether it be god and religion, or a virus of some kind, or for us 90s kids, Disney teaching us: ‘Follow your dreams.’

Fuck all that. It was never our dream. It was theirs.

Let’s go to the woods and fuck their noise, sing some songs, laugh at those silly old cunts who still think they possess an ounce of anything worth a damn. Watch the stars or swim in the sea, fuck all day and night, whatever turns you on. Just live and love well, and do it your way. It’s all there is. Ignore them every step of the way.

They hate you. They want to use and destroy you. Let them try, while you slow dance with a lover until their hideous creation comes crashing down.

We can live on the other side.

I’ve been there a while and it’s way better, trust me.

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