Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…


wendle- dragon tree

The moon fizzed in the sky

its shining spots clear through spidery cloud.

Hand in hand we walked, fingers intertwined,

glued up in warm sweat that cooled in the night’s breath.

We moved slowly through crowds,

surrounded but alone,

an invisible cage barring us away,

a cage felt, not seen.


Noises were close but muffled,

resonations pinched at our ears

while faces stared blankly at our passing glide,

without a clue, nor a reason.

The spider-webs above us filled out,

and water fell down

as if veins had been slashed across the sky.


I stared at my love,

her white face and dark eyes,

running my thoughts up her lacy sleeves,

thorns and leaves, chattering teeth in the rows of

craggy trees.


She felt my squeeze and gifted me smile, a complimentary twirl.

Silver strands across her skirt blurred,

and I stood back clapping, as a circle grew,

so my love danced and stepped left to right,

in our cage we stayed, the thousand other faces near

but so far away, on another plain,

a different realm,

in another night, not this one.

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