Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…
Poems and stuff by Maté Jarai…


I woke up today

more tired than usual,

drank coffee and ate oreos

and went outside

and there was some sun

and I walked

then ran

then walked again

because my lungs hurt

but it’s just asthma

and I was all alone

even though there

were some faces

like the one girl who waved at me

while dashing past

and I smiled at her

and then at an old man

in a cap and face mask

who crossed the street

when he saw me

because he could die

and then I went home

where I was alone some more

trying to play some guitar

and do work but fuck it all

so I went outside again

and walked to sea

and sat and watched

the burnt pier and felt

really fucking good

with real heat on my face,

and breaking the fucking rules, yes,

but I’d rather break the rules

than my fucking mind because

the rules are temporary

but if my mind breaks

it could be forever

and for always,

and I wonder if

all of this

is really ok

because it doesn’t

feel ok at all,

not to me


but maybe

I’m just a cunt

but I am what I am

and change

is fiction,

real stuff is just

a fucking circle

and I hate


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