…an octopus may be an alien or mutant: either way they are insanely awesome

From where have you come to us?

From where have you come to us?

In my eyes, octopuses (or Octopi) have always seemed like one of the most bizarre creatures on this earth. There’s something so alien and out of this world about them. The way they swim, those eyes, the stories of giants taking down fishing boats in the stormy oceans.

Now there ‘s proof that I may have been right about those tentacled beings, because they, it seems, have actual super powers, and as I interpret it, inhabit another dimension as to the one we think we share with them.

This Youtube video blew my mind, and will surely blow yours.

Watch it, then we’ll discuss:


“Camouflage just means fooling what is looking at you.”

“We’re behind the eight ball, as it were, if we think the world looks like how we see it.”

“There’s much more information there and other animals see it very differently.”

After seeing this video, I will accept these statements. The octopus knows more than we ever will, or sees more than we ever will, or senses more than we ever will. Or something. It’s colour blind and it just did that, without actually statistically matching anything around it in terms of its appearance. Why it becomes invisible to our eyes is unknown, and that proves, once again, that we humans don’t really have a clue.

This guy isn't as good as the guy in the video.

This guy isn’t as good as the guy in the video.

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